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What We Do

At Little Acorn, we focus on supporting infants and their caregivers in creating nurturing relationships that become the bedrock for future developmental, social, emotional, and nervous system well-being. Our practice is based on a preventative approach to reducing the risk for, and impacts of, childhood stress, attachment injury, trauma, and longer-term mental health outcomes such as anxiety and depression.

Our Mission

Our Values

To promote emotionally healthy caregiving environments from the prenatal period and beyond.

Neuroscience, attachment, & insight-based approaches for creating nurturing caregiver-child relationships.

Who We Are


Jessica, LMHC
Attachment Specialist & Licensed Therapist

Hi! I'm Jessica, a licensed mental health provider in WA State and the owner of Little Acorn and its parent company, Acorn Therapy. My passion for infant and early childhood mental health was born out of my work with adolescent and adult survivors of early childhood trauma and adversities; my studies in attachment, affective neuroscience, and developmental psychology; and my prior experiences as a pre-school teacher overseas.


Supporting my clients meant I had to have an understanding of early life and infant wellbeing - what nurtures it, and what takes away from it - and how the constellation of experiences we have in infancy creates a blueprint for the future. Over time, I found myself wanting to do work that wasn't just tertiary, but preventative. I also knew I loved and missed working with infants and their families, and so Little Acorn became a branch of the services I feel passionate about providing to caregivers and their small children. 

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