Sleeping Baby

Because the first three years

Last a lifetime


We love helping you give your child the best start in life 

So they can grow from a little acorn into a mighty oak tree

"A secure base in infancy is the bedrock for a flourishing child and future adult. But security doesn't come from always getting it right with our children. Security comes from knowing that when there is rupture, there is repair."

As your infant grows,  and you with them, the right support can make all the difference

Day Care

Here's what we offer

Even the strongest relation-ships are strained during the transition to parenthood. This Gottman-developed workshop helps support you for your new life with your baby, guiding you to be the best parenting team possible.

With a focus on building secure attachment, our COSP groups or 1:1 coaching help you to make sense of what your infant's behaviors are actually communicating to you and what they really need in response.

Family Therapy Sessions

Engaging in family therapy can be helpful when you experience difficulties that you are not sure how to nav-igate. Our approach draws from attachment models such as COSP, Educaring,  and The Meaning of the Child.

Self-Paced Learning

Our self-paced courses give you a deeper understanding of topics such as nurturing the 0-3 brain, the science behind attachment and co-regulation, navigating strong emotions, and managing your own inner child.

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